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The Eminence Of Couplings And Fittings

Posted by Admin on June, 27, 2019

Pipes are tubular or cylindrical sections which are generally used for moving flowing substances. These are also used in different architectural applications. On the other hand, pipe fittings are used to hold the pipes in any plumbing system which makes any structural applications. Pipe fittings and coupling are mostly used to increase the functionality of pipes and help in directing the steam, gas, or liquid flow. A few of the commonly used fittings types are –

• Joining fittings – couplings, locknuts, nipples, unions, and offsets fall under joining or extension fittings. As the name suggests, they are used to join multiple pipes together.
• Shutoff fittings – for closing the ends of pipes, shutoff fittings are used. Example – caps, plugs, etc.
• Directional fittings – as the name suggests, directional fittings are used to change the directions of pipe flows. Example – offset elbows, return bends, etc.

A brief about couplings
Couplings are basically pipe attachments used for plumbing operations. These are made up of brass or stainless steel material and are known for their resistance to rust, corrosion, hardness, flexibility, and durability.
The different types of couplings available in the market are:
• Union tees
• Crosses
• Elbows
• Clamped
• Flanged
• Sleeve or Muff
• Tapered shaft lock
• Male female coupling
• Flexible Elastic
• Twin Spring
The different styles of couplings, which are mostly used for various applications, are:
• Beam
• Bellows
• Chain
• Jaw
• Diaphragm
• Disc
• Gear
• Grid
• Oldham
• Schmidt

The chrome plated brass fittings are commonly used, which gives improved performance in comparison to the ordinary fittings. The fittings may be categorized in the form of threaded or unthreaded and may have internal or external threads based on the application. To produce a coupling, CNC machines are programmed to perform different operations to produce different types of thread patterns.
The male female coupling is basically used to join two shafts together, which are used for the transfer of the power. The shafts are not disconnected during the operation. They basically join the two parts of rotating equipment. This helps to lower the maintenance costs and downtown.
• It transfers power from one point to another.
• It is used to provide a connection between the motor and generator and is used for the repair and alterations.
• It provides mechanical flexibility and misalignment of the shaft.
• It lowers the transmission of shock loads from one point to another.
• It protects against the situation of overloads and connects the driving part.
• It is used to make an appropriate alignment in coupled machines.

Uses of stainless steel pipe fittings:
Benefits of using male female coupling:
These are used in wide area of applications which include the automotive industries, commercial places, domestic regions, etc. Thus, using the stainless steel male female coupling in numerous industries have been proved to be effective and advantageous in various industries especially the industrial processes. With the passing time and technological innovations, stainless steel pipe fittings have become a crucial part in people’s lives. Its high resistance can tolerate all the internal and external pressure in any system. Stainless steel enables these pipe fittings to handle all types of stress in different piping applications. They are strong and can offer goof performance under harsh conditions.
These are perfect to be used in any indoor or outdoor applications. They are easy to clean and require less maintenance. Its robust quality makes it easy recyclable in multiple industries. This is a strong reason why male female coupling exporters in Rajkot finds steel fittings a superb choice for any sort of piping requirements. These can be easily molded to for offering a new preferable size or shape.
A wide range of varieties are available in the market for stainless steel pipe fittings. These definitely make some cost effective and supreme solution for many industrial as well as household applications.

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